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Week-end Funerals

Friday 16 August 2019

Hi, today we go to the funeral of BobbyJo’s uncle. Her uncle is dead in her bed it’s horrible but BobbyJo say « I don’t care » but her husband (Rodney) doesn’t care. The family doesn’t sad because the uncle was very sick. Today, wake up at 6 am to go at 7am direction Sagitawa camp at 6 hours from here. Kolby didn’t come with us, he went to friend’s house. On the road, we stopped to see waterfalls. It was wonderful waterfalls. In the truck, Rodney was crazy, he annoyed everyone it was very funny, Amber said « il est fou ». After several hours, we stopped in Chetwynd. In this town every year they is a competition of the most beautiful statue. So there are statue all over the city it’s amazing. Around 1pm, we arrived at Sagitawa camp. The sagitawa camp is a camp for children while summer holidays. This is where Amber to work for 7 weeks this summer. The camp is located next to a lake it’s beautiful, it makes me think of cowboy and Indians, I love that. Amber introduced me her grandparents, her friends of the camp and everybody were very hospitable and very kind to me. I event met some Quebecois. Her grandparents was very kind, they live in big caravan for summer (they volunteer at the camp). Their caravan was like a house really!!!!!! Very big. Amber made me visit the camp. They are a church, yodel, kayak, climbing wall, archery, pistol shooting and an air of play with a play loved children in Canada, this games involves touching the legs of others with a ball to clear them. After the visit we went to the church in America is very very different from the church in Europe.

During the mass, they are singing, it was very fun, children love that. Around 2.30pm, the grandfather of Amber « Papa » we took away to sail in boat. Then we went for ice cream before kayak. I didn’t really want to kayak but Amber told me that we could not fall into the water. So I say « yes » and here we are kayaking. And « oh my god !! » It’s awesome really. I was a little Indian, there was not a sound just nature. It did me a lot of good. We were in our kayaks when the dinner bell sounds. Nooooo, I want to stay in my kayaks. We ate typical American food « the burger ».

Statue in Chetwynd

Sagitawa camp

Children play at ball games

Saturday 17 August 2019

At the breakfast I ate potatoes, eggs, apple….. Best breakfast ever really potatoes at breakfast « oh my goodness » I love that. After the best breakfast ever, we say goodbye and let’s go for 2 hours of road long live America with it’s roads that do not end but we get used to it, I take pleasure at listen country music during times, with Rodney who dance with his music ( strange music ). We arrived around 11.30 pm at the church. The church is located in the childhood city of Rodney and BobbyJo. IT was my first funerals. Before the mass we went to the store. Rodney saw promotion for sweets « Twizzlers » these are typical American sweets of 1 meter long because in America all is big. He took packets and more 1 packet smaller. Back to the church, we saw the house where Amber was born. At 12.30 pm mass begins and the pastor was in Hawaiian shirt, I’m shocked but the church in America is more fun than the church in Europe. The mass was sad but there was a lot of humor. He was called « Dave » and he was drummer « cool » ( I’m drummer). After the mass, I met the family of Amber and her boyfriend « Ivan » he was very kind. Yes, her boyfriend lives at 7 hours from home it’s normal ( They see each other 1 time per months). Me my biggest trip every month is 1.30 pm.

After a good lunch, we went to the swimming pool with all the family and Ivan. When Amber said « Do you want go to swimming pool » I say « yes ». I was thinking the pool was at 10 minutes from the church but Garance we are in Canada the swimming pool is at 1h30 from the church. The swimming pool was in city in Alberta. In Alberta there is one hour more with all schedule changes in a week (7 changes) my phone say « stop » ( my phone no longer displays the time). On the road Rodney bothered BobbyJo with the long sweet. BobbyJo was having fun at take his sweet and she was there by the window. It was very funny. Arrive at the pool, it was raining fortunately it was a pool in indoor. The pool was very cool and very big. There was toboggan, and jacuzzi. With Amber, Ivan and Donovan we played with toboggan, we did an apnea competition and I won. Around 6.30 pm, we went to the restaurant. We went to Canadians Drew, this bar - restaurant was amazing, there are TV everywhere who broadcast baseball, hockey, mma……. But it was complete. We went to another restaurant (complete) and we found a restaurant (Tony). In this restaurant, there was a picture of the Avengers with all the signatures of the actors. Again TV everywhere who broadcast sports. I ate fish and chips it was so good. During the dinner we talked about Marvel…. Donovan doesn’t like movie he say « it’s stupid ». After the dinner, we said goodbye at Ivan and we left for 2 hours of drive to go at « grand cache ». Arrive at the hotel (motel) we went to the room but, euh, Ah it was very small really. There are 2 bed for 5, Donovan slept on the floor it was very funny.

Avengers signature

Sunday 18 August 2019

Rodney and BobbyJo went to see the breakfast but they came back to tell us that it was very bad breakfast. BobbyJo say « It’s a very bad hotel » really fun. So we ate ate another hotel, I ate a very good yoghurt Rodney was jealous. After the breakfast, we went to Jasper at 1h30 drive. Jasper is a national park. On the road, Rodney keep on going to fuss BobbyJo with sweets. The paths in truck are so long but very fun. Arrive a Jasper, Oh my god it’s beautiful. We stopped at a lake, the make was very special because there was only 20 cm of water everywhere. I had never seen that before, it was very strange but very cool. Just before stopping Rodney say « Amber will run into the lake » I was thinking it was a joke but no it was true. Then we were visiting the national park. We saw deer on the road, Oh my goodness!!!!!!!

Around 1 pm, we ate subway at Jasper. After with Donovan and Amber we went shopping for find a gift memory. Donovan was very funny in the store, he advised me about the gift memory but he advised me strange things. We even saw a cap with a bottle opener. Then we came back home and with Amber, we watched movies « Malificient » and « The Duff » It was good.

Amber, me and Donovan Jasper national park

me in the Jasper lac

Deer in the road


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