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~canada’s wonderland~

On the 21st of August I went to canada’s wonderland with Lauren, Leah, Liv.

We left grimsby at 9am and we arrive at 11am.

this parc is also an aqua parc. I love roller coasters so I tried to do as much as possible but I am not really patient and The parc was really packed because of the holidays.

on The afternoon we went to the aqua parc after that we have done some roller coaster but we did just one slides because of the line. On the evening I tried a roller coaster where you are lie and it was horrible really scary. After that I tried the funnel cake and it was good. I spent a really good time and thanks to that my partner and me are closer.

i hope you enjoyed this post the next one will be about my ”trip to Kingston”

see you soon

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