The greatest falls

After visiting Torronto it is now time to discover the mythical Niagara Falls and its magical city! The Niagara Falls are 3 waterfalls mamed "Horseshoe", "American" and " Sail of the Groom" they are locaded on the Niagara River. They from a natural border between the United States and Canada.



We left at 8h30 for Niagara Falls, I was so exited !

After arriving, we took some pictures and were on the boat that took us right in front of the falls, it was fabulous but hard to watch because there was plenty of water!


Then with Allison we took the Zipline just above the falls, it's very beautiful to see and feel and beautiful !! In the afternoon we went to the Butterfly Conservatory, it was the first time I saw so many butterflies at once, I loved it !!

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